The families of fish categorised as cichilds are some of the most colourful, varied and behaviouraly interesting of all freshwater fish. They are widely kept by aquarists worldwide; from the dedicated hard-water African Rift Lake tanks featuring many varied species from lakes Malawi, Tanganyaika and Victoria, to the soft water loving riverine cichlids such as discus, angelfish, and the dwarf species of the genus Apistogramma.

There are of course many more besides - west Africans like Pelvicachromis (Kribensis), Hemichromis and Nanochromis, Predatory fish like the very many species of Pike Cichlid, diggers like the central American Convict Cichlid Archocentrus nigrofasciatus, and best of all fish with real persobalities like the Oscar Astronotus ocellatus

Cichlids excel themselves as parents, and there can be few experiences more rewarding than watching a pair tend for their shoal of fry!

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